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The OpenOnes GIS System runs on ESRI’s ArcGIS Desktop 10.2.2 and integrates seamlessly with OpenOne Financial and Customer Information Systems. The system also provides a search tool for the OpenOne Oracle database for queries such as, map, meter, service order, and staking sheet numbers.

With OpenOne GIS, construction assembly information is pulled directly from FIS, which reads and writes CIS data, FIS project, and staking sheet information. This makes it easier to maintain accurate inventory levels and engineering reports. You know what you have and where it is.

ESRI GIS Features

Provides tools to automate drawing, to include:

  • Matching existing features feeder, phase, and conductor
  • Tailored snapping environments: easier to correctly connect things, making the model less error-prone
  • Automatic map numbering keeps track of service location numbers to avoid duplicate numbering and confusion
  • Automatic boundary assignment keeps services up-to-date. For example, if districts of any sort change they will be updated in their records automatically
  • Moving a location moves all associated lines and equipment: keeps everything connected properly when moving things around
  • Buffer staking sheet automatically means quick and efficient loading of staking sheets
  • Supports detailed equipment tracking by manufacturer/serial number for improved inventory maintenance
  • Provides location and service history for equipment so you can tell what and who was at each location even after it is gone.

ESRI ArcMAP Application Extensions:

  • GIS users are able to log into our financial and customer information systems from within the GIS application. The system allows you to identify discrepancies in mapping of services and security lights as well as update engineering analysis and outage system connectivity models that include ATS’s outage system, ABB’s CADOPS OMS and FeederAll engineering analysis, Milsoft’s WindMil and Dispatch OMS and other Multispeak compliant systems.
  • A default automatic location numbering module is provided. When new facilities are placed, this module populates the location number based on the coordinate position. Customized numbering modules can be implemented using any COM capable development tool, such as Visual Basic or Visual Studio.Net. Different parts of your service area can have entirely different location numbering systems.
  • A dockable window is available to display staking sheets from the Partner jobs database. Jobs in the Partner Software system can be drawn into the ATS GIS automatically.
  • Our ESRI-based GIS system expands on the integration features of the mapping system. In addition to the list of projects (work orders) available in the mapping system, GIS users have access to the list of construction units that were used on each project. Each construction unit can be configured to draw into the desired ESRI feature class and have its attributes populated in the GIS. All features in the GIS that have a corresponding data element in the Financial or CIS system have direct links into the core business table. Any change in the GIS that affects a business table is posted automatically.
  • The system provides tools for validating the electric connectivity model. Connectivity loops and disconnected features can easily be identified and corrected.

View more information on OpenOne ESRI-based GIS here.