Reduce Workload & Errors

The OpenOne Financial System offers all the features and functions that are need for a complete utility accounting system and is RUS and TVA compliant. Fully integrated with the OpenOne CIS and GIS mapping systems, OpenOne FIS delivers complete control to today’s utilities, while reducing the workload and the possibility of errors.

Accounts Payable

OpenOne Financial Systems streamlines accounts payable by automating the production of producing 1099 forms and retaining all the details for an unlimited vendor history. OpenOne FIS is also creates laser printed checks, generates banking information, and includes logos and signatures on blank check stock. Users can create checks on demand with OpenOne’s single vendor entry as well.

Purchasing Card

Purchases are now easier to record and track over time with OpenOne’s audit trails for purchasing card transactions. This is directly integrated with OpenOne’s General Ledger, also provides for different levels of card authorization and spending.


OpenOne’s Payroll system is comprehensive and exceptionally efficient. With this system, managers can serve as time auditors rather than time entry clerks, as it accommodates a range of different pay frequencies within a utility, including weekly, biweekly, semimonthly and monthly. The OpenOne Payroll system provides for:

  • Automatic handling of all employer matching 401(k) contributions
  • Automatic generation of holiday time
  • Easy tracking of Short Term and Long Term Disability
  • Employee Self-service Portal
  • Direct deposit vouchers integrated with ACH
  • Unlimited number of deductions
  • Special Pay runs to accommodate bonuses, etc.
  • Ability to set up employee work days
  • Laser printed payroll checks
  • Export payroll information to NRECA Advantage on-line program
  • What-if scenarios for changes in employee taxes, deductions, and more.


OpenOne FIS offers an Automated Materials Management environment that integrates directly with general ledger, accounts payable, work management and GIS mapping. As inventory data is entered, items that are purchased can be assigned to a particular vendor, enabling the system to speed future transactions by remembering how to process purchased items from each vendor. OpenOne also offers on-screen ordering of stock inventory and non-inventory items through an easy-to-use point and click ordering process. With OpenOne, stock control levels can be maintained for purchasing and emergency levels, ensuring that inventory levels never run out.


OpenOne’s real time inventory capability updates inventory information instantly upon request. Items that are no longer used can be marked as inactive, retaining an historic record of the item, and can be pulled based on size of pole and wire size for assemblies. OpenOne also provides for an unlimited number of warehouses. Transfers of material can be made from one warehouse to another, and transfer of quantities from one item to another can also be accommodated. This enables utilities to hold physical inventory on site without having to pay for material until used, minimizing unnecessary cash outlays.

General Ledger

OpenOne FIS has been designed for full integration with all other OpenOne modules, allowing for minimal activity within the general ledger itself. End-of-month closing of the books can be accomplished within a few days and recurring journal entries post each month with full edit capability. Journal entries can be booked for future months with no impact on the current month’s closing.


OpenOne FIS handles RUS compliant work order projects and generates all end-of-month RUS reports. This system offers automatic open and close of projects, project estimation to track costs, and the ability to commingle transmission and distribution costs on the same staking sheet.

Continuing Property Records (CPR)

OpenOne FIS allows for a direct relationship to a facility management system. This enables ties to be created for major material items to record units and allows the GIS system to become the subsidiary to the plant accounts.

View more information on the OpenOne Financial Systems here.