Built to Manage Utility Growth

An expanding utility distribution market requires software products that can manage growth. This is where ATS OpenOne steps in. OpenOne’s CIS and billing system is packed with features that enhance communications and relationships between utilities and their partners and consumers. Equipped with a comprehensive account browser, OpenOne’s CIS effectively handles all service orders and is directly integrated with the OpenOne Financial [link to: financial systems] and ESRI-based GIS systems. [link to: geographic information system]

Work Management & Service Orders

OpenOne work management makes it easy to manage resources, track events, and monitor workflow in real-time. Whether you need to assign resources to a specific service center or group within the company to handle certain responsibilities, OpenOne ensures the right resources are always applied to the right projects. Additionally, service orders can be created for any type of work a utility needs to perform. From notes and service order status changes, to customer account information and route or staking details – everything you need is easily accessed, in the office or on the go with OpenOne CIS.

Meter Management

Maintaining accurate meter data is essential. With OpenOne, you can choose different options to collect and organize meter data, as well as customize meter readings, schedules, and exceptions. OpenOne CIS supports multiple meters on an account, making meter estimation and meter reading a breeze. Whether your utility uses handheld devices or advanced metering infrastructure, OpenOne CIS can be tailored to your needs to give you the power to choose when, where, and how you want to collect meter readings.

Cutoff Management

Track delinquent consumers and cutoff information quickly and easily with OpenOne CIS. Available in real-time, cut-off management indicates if a partial or full payment has been received on a customer account and dispatches this information to the field so that cut-off can be disconnected or restored.

Billing Services

Whether you run daily or cycle billing, OpenOne CIS supports all of your billing needs with many options to fit your utility company. Billing history is retained for the life of a customer, so it’s easy to review bills upon request. OpenOne CIS also supports security light billing, special arrangements, budget, or average billing to suit your needs.

OpenAccess (Electronic Bill Services & Payment)

With OpenOne’s OpenAccess, you can provide your customers with real-time access to their utility accounts. OpenAcess makes it easy for customers to view their account information, pay their bills electronically, request services, and report outages from anywhere, on any mobile device. Customers simply need to enroll themselves through your company website to see their account summary and current status. OpenAccess is perfect for consumers with multiple accounts, because you can view them all in one easy platform. Credit cards and electronic check payments are accepted, eliminating payment processing time for you and your customers.

Payment Processing

OpenOne CIS accepts cash, credit card, check, and electronic payments. Different options are available for electronic payments and receipts can even be printed upon request. Easily customized to fit the way your utility does business, OpenOne CIS accepts individual, batch, and third party payments. If a payment was submitted to the wrong account, the reverse payment features quickly corrects the error.

Total Integration

With a comprehensive browser at your fingertips, data can be managed for direct integration with the OpenOne Financial and ESRI-based GIS Systems. All billing and payment journal entries are made in real-time and allows the general ledger to always stay in balance. With a click of the mouse, you can view and manage outages and maps all from your customer browser.

Retail Services & Products

Ready to offer customers term credit, revolving credit financing, and merchandise? OpenOne CIS can do all that and more. With a few simple keystrokes, you can add accounts, create invoices, relieve material inventory, calculate payments, and print sales tickets. OpenOne CIS automates everything for you, so you never again have to fumble through complicated payment amortization calculations.


The OpenOne suite includes detailed reporting options, required for RUS regulatory requirements. It also includes a business view of the data so organizations can begin to solve business problems by mining their own data using the OpenOne CIS Discoverer tool. The reports that OpenOne creates can be customized modified by the end users.

View more information on the OpenOne Customer Information System here.