ATS OpenOne: Operational Software for Utility Services

The Power of One Utility Software Solution

Our OpenOne is a web-based enterprise system built for today’s electric, water, propane, and environmental utility companies. It combines all your customer information, financials, human resources, geographic information, and outage applications into a single, fully-integrated corporate portal.

We developed OpenOne to streamline divided management information systems commonly used by utility businesses. When you enter your customer addresses, service requests, financial details, and other relevant data into OpenOne’s easy-to-use database you can rest assured that the information is organized, secure, and readily available at your fingertips.

To ensure OpenOne success for your utility business, we also offer a full range of service and support to our customers. These services include technology business planning, remote network monitoring, and hardware support to name a few. We strive to be an extension to your IT staff at whatever service level is necessary.