ATS OpenOne is a web-based enterprise system built for today’s electric, water, propane, and environmental utility companies. It streamlines divided management information systems into a single, fully-integrated corporate portal.

  • Customer Information System (CIS)

    From a comprehensive account browser to debt handling, OpenOne CIS is powerful and packed full of features.

  • Financial System (FIS)

    OpenOne FIS provides advanced accounting and complete control to today’s back office functions.

  • Human Resources (HR)

    OpenOne HR allows employee, supervisor, and administrative personnel access without a connection to the company network.

  • Geographic Information System (GIS)

    Running on ESRI’s ArcGIS Desktop, OpenOne GIS is fully-integrated and allow data to be shared and maintained throughout the system.

  • Outage Management (OMS)

    OpenOne OMS delivers real-time comprehensive outage prediction and accurate statistical record keeping across the system.

  • Additional Modules

    Our OpenOne system includes additional modules to provide our clients with even more power at their fingertips.